Board of Directors

Social Media Club Milwaukee began in 2010 and has had the fortune of being supported by some of Milwaukee’s leading digital innovators.

Through-out the history of SMC Milwaukee our board members have organized corporate events, social networking hours, charity training sessions and educational panels.

SMC Milwaukee’s core mission is to educate the community to provide a positive impact both regionally and globally.


Our fundamental goals:

  1. Expand Media Literacy
  2. Share Lessons Learned Among Practitioners
  3. Encourage Adoption of Industry Standards
  4. Promote Ethical Practices through Discussion and Actions


Social Media Club Milwaukee is served by an amazing volunteer group of professionals.



Our current board consists of:

  • Director, Events – Currently Vacant Position (please contact us if interested)
  • President- Phil Reinhardt, Milwaukee Social Media @PhilReinhardt
  • Vice President – Phil Gerbyshak, Actiance @PhilGerb
  • Director, Strategy- Jonathon Brewer, Be the Change Revolutions @houseofbrew
  • Director, Strategy – Aaron Biebert, Attention Era Media @Biebert
  • Director, Communications – Tony Stanislawski, MATC  @tonyatmatc
  • Director, Communications – Charlie Antoine, AscensionsLX @CGAntoine
  • Secretary / Treasurer – Greg Brey, Keystone Clicks @GJBrey
  • Director, Sponsor Partnerships – Currently Vacant Position (please contact us if interested)
  • Director, Membership – Mark Boeder, Mark Boeder Recruitment  @markboeder
  • Director, Membership – Tracy Champagne, Small Business Milwaukee, @smallbizinmke

Special Thanks to our Past Board Members and Volunteers